La Maison Buck is moving! (and reinventing itself)

Literally and digitally! Don’t worry, I am taking all of you wonderful readers with me on this next adventure.

Buckhouse Blog is moving has moved to a self-hosted site, but new posts should still show up in your reader once the technicians have moved you over.

Email subscribers, everything will be the same. New posts will still arrive via email!

And ya’ll might be wondering to yourselves, “What posts?”

Which is a valid point.

So, we  –the crew at Buckhouse– went and bought ANOTHER fixer-upper house in need of a complete gut renovation, just as we finished the last bit of work on the cottage.

I think that is what they call a pathology, but I don’t know anything about that.

And if we thought it was hard to undertake a major renovation of a single-family with the help of a general contractor, then we had no idea how hard it could possibly be to complete a renovation with no general contractor on a multi-family property.

That is what we are doing right now, and since we went and started it, we had better hurry up and finish it.  Wish us luck!

You can follow our adventuring on instagram @Jesciemoira or on twitter @jesciemoira for now.

Many exciting projects and tips and tricks for surviving home renovations coming soon!

xo – Jesse and the crew

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This is it. We call it "the monster house" and even have a theme song and dance.

This is it. We call it “the monster house” and even have a theme song and dance.

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The water is calm but the fence is gone.

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My students observing the French in their natural habitat.

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